Share Structure for APRU

I am posting the share structure of APRU.  It hasn’t changed and can’t with the stop sign.  Impatient shareholders that think they should double their money on a daily bases and think news should occur daily help erode the value of what I am doing.  I am building a company that over the next years will show growth and added shareholder value.  I have an open door policy and accept calls from anyone.  I posted my personal cell phone since I have nothing to hide.  I operate several private businesses and will continually be adding to the public company as I see fit.  I am not planning a reverse split at this time.  If you want to talk and have suggestions about growing the business and shareholder value, please call. Don’t hide behind an anonymous handle on ihub. I am real, want real investors, and will do what is in the best interest of the company. I personally own the manufacturing plant and equipment in a private company to protect myself from debt holders. If I decide to do a major restructuring I will give notice.

The A/S need to stay at 50billion for the time being. It is the only way with my preferred shares that I can operate the business and make decisions. I have 75 shares junior preferred stock that votes at .75% of all outstanding common and convertible preferred per share for 52.5% voting control.

LiveWire owns their shares for investment purposes and if they decide to sell it they have announced it will be according to the drip rule.

I am posting 2 shareholder lists. One from 4/13/17 and one from 4/26/17 so you can see there is no dilution.

Bob Corr currently owns 3,000,070,002 shares restricted
BB Corr, rip owns 230,025,958 shares restricted
Sharon Corr, rip owns 25,958 shares restricted
LiveWire Ergogenics currently owns 15,810,005,457 shares restricted
shareholder currently owns 85,000,000 shares
shareholder owns 100,000,000 shares in cert form
shareholder owns 34,285,714 shares in cert form
shareholder owns 500,000,000 shares in cert form
shareholder owns 85,714,285 shares in cert form
shareholder owns 33,931,273 shares from 2012
shareholder owns 100,000,000 shares from 2012
shareholder owns 182,000,000 shares from 2012


There are officially: